ICLC’s survey published in the newsletter Tax Link of Nexia International

The article on extension of profit tax relief in regional Investment projects in Russia written by ICLC’s leading legal counsel Yevgeniy Artamonov has been published in the February edition of Tax Link.

In his opinion piece «Extension of Profit Tax Relief in Regional Investment Projects» for Tax Link, Yevgeniy Artamonov observes the Russian Government’s objectives of the economic policy for the last few years and related articles of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation amended in 2016.

In particular, ICLC’s expert tells us about amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation that govern the tax status of participants in regional investment projects as well as the procedure for administration and application of tax exemptions for such taxpayers.

Tax Link covers the issues related to the tax policy of different countries. The newsletter is published by Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent accounting and consulting firms. ICLC has been a member of Nexia International since 2007.