Algeco recommends the auditing firm ICLC as a trustworthy team

Algeco LLC, a manufacturer and supplier of mobile buildings, expresses its gratitude to the specialists of the auditing firm ICLC for their competence and professional expertise in auditing the financial statements of 2016.

“We pay due attention to the quality of our work and we expect our counterparts to pursue the same approach. Since 2008 the auditing firm ICLC has been trusted to audit Algeco’s financial statements. ICLC’s experts have a deep knowledge of key issues of our business and adhere closely to the deadlines set out for auditing the financial statements. We are always confident that the audit carried out by ICLC will give us the true understanding of our financial activity”, says Algeco’s general director Nastran Borut.

Also Algeco expresses its gratitude to ICLC’s auditors for our long-term successful cooperation and recommends ICLC as a trustworthy team of professionals.

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