Mikhail D. Vinokurov

Partner, one of the ICLC founders

After graduation from Moscow Financial University was working for long time in inspection agencies of USSR. In December 1988 took part in organization of educational cooperative society “Auditor”, which was re-organized in audit cooperative society “Spectrum” in 1989, and in 1992, with the assistance of International Union of Economists, in International consulting and Legal Center. M. Vinokurov has been managing partner of the company until 2006. Currently he is running one of the international projects in ICLC.

M. Vinokurov participated in development of audit in Russia for more than 30 years. In 1990 was founded first professional audit union initiated by M. Vinokurov – “Mosaudit”, which united 12 companies and afterwards re-organized in Moscow Audit Chamber. By the order of Moscow Government, the organization partners under D. Vinokurov’s management developed qualification requirements for Moscow auditors and the procedures of certification. This work has become the starting point of the system of certification of auditors in Russia.

Mikhail Vinokurov was one of the founders of legal framework for regulation of audit. He took part in development of first Russian audit standards, which were accepted by the President of Russian federation in 1993. For the first time in this document were expressed the terms of audit activity and audit report. These standards regulated the process of licensing and authorizing the audits, established audit’s duties and the responsibility for not meeting the requirements.

One of the initiators of creation of Audit Chamber of Russia and Vice-President of the Audit Chamber for 20 years. From 1995 was doing a research work, exploring the audit industry, was managing the methodological work and heading the disciplinary committee. Today the Audit Chamber –is a professional authorized organization, which was the first organization that got the official status of self-regulated audit organization.

M. Vinokurov participated in the work of Audit Council of the Russian Ministry of Finance.

He developed the methods and standards of audit activity in Russia. An author of several methodical recommendations.

Twice, in 2003 and 2007 the Ministry of Finance of Russia expressed its gratitude to M. Vinokurov: for his own great contribution to development of audit activity and for active participation in the work of Audit Chamber.

In 2005 M. Vinokurov was assigned the titles of “Honorary economist of Moscow” and “Honorary auditor of Audit Chamber”, the medal “In commemoration of 850th Anniversary of Moscow” , the commemorative token of the RF journalists union “300 years of Russian journalism”, the medal of the Peace Found.

M. Vinokurov is the doctor of the economy and management, member of the Academy of International Management.

Mikhail D. Vinokurov
Partner, one of the ICLC founders