ICLC is in the top 10 of the most information-active audit companies

In rating of audit companies’ publicity of 2008-2009 business season ICLC is in the top 10 of the most information active audit companies, evidencing therefore its active information policy and understanding of PR functions and goals by its employees.
(Note: by the results of the year 2008 the company took the 14th position in general rating among 120 the largest Russian audit companies).

In autumn, 2009 mass media Internet library Public.Ru in association with “PROSTOR: PR & Consulting” agency investigated informational openness of audit companies.

Participants of ratings of “Expert” RA and “Finance” magazine for the year 2008 and audit companies independently declaring themselves as participants were included in the list of investigated companies.

In the course of investigation mass media Internet-library Public.Ru analyzed information field of each of the declared companies. Central and regional print mass media for the period from 01.09.2008 till 15.09.2009 from Public.Ru funds including more than 3 500 sources have been investigated.

Top 10 of information-active audit companies consists of:
1. FBK (member of PKF International)
2. PricewaterhouseCoopers
3. Finexpertise (member of CPA Associates International)
4. 2K Audit – Business consultations
5. BDO Unicon
6. Intercom-Audit (member of BKR International)
7. Business systems development (member of Horwath International)
8. Baker Tilly Rusaudit
9. ICLC (member of Nexia International)
10. Marillion (member of Kreston International)