The First Conference of the European, Middle Eastern and African regions of Nexia International

The conference of Nexia International members representing the European, Middle Eastern and African regions was held in April in Budapest (Hungary). This was the first joint event after the decision was taken at the November 2010 Annual Global conference in Dubai on the amalgamation of the two regional committees and the creation of one single structure (ЕМЕА).

Over 100 delegates took part in the conference activities. Among the issues on the agenda were the development of a constitution for the new structural unit, liquidation of the sub-committees which operated within the European region and the creation of new committees, including the International committee on secondments, but this time on an international level. The delegates were told that since November 2011 Nexia International would be a member of the Forum of Firms (FOF) – an association of international networks of accounting firms ( On the whole, the conference maintained a friendly and business-like spirit.