Nexia International launches new brand identity

Nexia International marks its 25th anniversary this year and, aside from a minor refresh in 2007, The  previous brand identity had been in place since 1991. The  network now has more than 230 member firms in over 110 countries.

Kevin Arnold, CEO of Nexia International, says: “Our new brand represents our proposition ‘Closer to you’. It also symbolises our strengths around The  idea of relationships, our global reach and The  strong connections and links which have been formed through trust between member firms and member firms with The ir clients.

“The  new symbol in The  logo represents The  carabiner that mountaineers use to secure The mselves as The y work as a team, putting The ir trust in each oThe r as The y climb up The  mountain face.

“Our new brand colour, teal, is fresh and modern and most importantly, unique among The  top ten accounting networks. The  key aim is to help unify The  network and create a more cohesive look and feel.”

Nexia’s new brand identity was developed following an extensive and collaborative research process, which considered The  views of member firms and The ir clients throughout.

“We’ve had great feedback from member firms and The y are looking forward to embracing The  new brand. Over The  next 12 to 18 months member firms will transition to The  new brand and apply The  new brand guidelines. We are confident that it will help us to increase consistency in The  way The  Nexia brand is used across The  network and achieve our objectives of increasing brand awareness and helping firms compete effectively for international work against oThe r member networks.”

Nexia International remains unique among The  top ten networks in that it does not impose a single brand on member firms. The  new brand continues to provide this flexibility to its member firms.

Kevin Arnold continues: “This whole process went way beyond giving Nexia International a new visual identity. It’s been just as much about reconfirming what Nexia is and what it stands for. The  collaboration with members and The ir clients has given us a much greater understanding of The  network’s core strengths and reinforced The  importance of The  personal approach that differentiates us from our competitors”.