Investment teaser and memorandum

To develop a successful start-up into a systematic business one needs investments. the attraction of investors is a multi-stage project that may require assistance from professionals in the preparation of presentation documents for investors.

We will prepare all necessary documents so you will be able to present your project to potential investors in the most effective and efficient way.

An Investment teaser is a brief presentation of a project, the first and most important document among the package of materials for investors. It usually contains from 3 to 10 pages or slides. the teaser format depends on how you are going to present your project: it can be a pdf-file for sending via e-mail or a Power Point or video presentation.

Type of content for the investment teaser:

  • brief information about the project (summary): the essence of the project, key characteristics of the business and the market;
  • sales channels, structure of the revenues from goods/services;
  • indicators of financial statements, optimally — for the last 3 years;
  • factors of investment attractiveness — your business’ strengths in brief (leadership in a particular market segment, technological or managerial know-how, patents);
  • team: brief information about the project leaders and main personnel.

The task of the investment teaser is to draw attention to your business and ensure that your project is shortlisted amongst those of interest to the project investor.

An Investment memorandum is a presentation document with detailed information about your business. It contains from 20 to 30 pages of slides and includes a more detailed description of the project.

Typical content of the investment memorandum:

  • project manager's appeal to investors;
  • investment attractiveness factors — your business’ strengths (more detailed than in the teaser);
  • detailed description of the business: the company’s history, ownership structure, production activity, achievements (for instance, research and development), purpose and area of application of the company’s goods/services;
  • market review: overall situation within the particular market segment, analysis of competitors and their share, analysis of consumers of the goods/services;
  • team: leaders and business management structure, information about managers and employees;
  • company’s strategy and financial results, assessment of the financial condition, financial forecast;
  • risks: analysis of key factors that may have an adverse impact on the company’s activity, sensitivity and resistance to changes made to them;
  • offer for an investor — proposed sum and terms of investment, transaction parameters, forecast of the pay back period and the long term objectives of the business.

The task of the investment memorandum is to provide an investor with an opportunity to evaluate the prospects of your project and to make a decision on the investment of funds in your business.

Our consultants will develop an investment teaser and memorandum in a form convenient for investors. the project team will include experts with vast experience of the implementation of comprehensive programmes of support for small and medium businesses, the development of business plans, and of expert examination of existing business schemes.


  • Industrial Production
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Services
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Investments
  • Public Sector and many others