Tax advice

We ensure that we are thoroughly conversant with the subtleties of current legislation, the positions of regulatory bodies and of arbitration practice. We help our clients to understand any ambiguities or gaps of the tax legislation and to reveal business management processes related risks and challenges.

Consultations on taxation related issues:

  • oral and written consultations on taxation related issues, identified during expert examination of tax position;
  • analysis of taxation optimisation schemes applied or planned by your company, for compliance with the legislation and trends in arbitration practice;
  • oral and written consultations on controversial issues that arise in the course of tax control measures (on-site and in-house tax audits).

Implementation of accounting and tax records:

  • development of individual accounting policies, including charts of accounts;
  • regulation of document management systems for accounting purposes;
  • optimisation of recording of separate business transactions and accounting registers.

The service package includes expert examination of procedures for the calculation and payment of taxes, and the status of tax accounting with regard to:

  • income tax;
  • property tax;
  • VAT;
  • NDFL (Individual Income Tax);
  • Social security funds.

The purpose of such expert examination is to protect your company from tax-related risks and penalties by means of the timely (prior to submission of tax returns) detection of any incorrect determination of tax liabilities.

Conducting expert examination for tax purposes includes:

  • analysis of the methodology of calculation of tax payments and insurance contributions, and identification of potential risks;
  • determination of any circumstances not identified by the company, in relation to which there are tax and other liabilities;
  • checking the correctness of prepared tax returns and settlements;
  • random checking of the procedure for recording certain business transactions.

    Such expert examination for tax purposes is carried out every quarter: on the basis of these four tax checks within a year, and on the overall tax audit for the year a written report is prepared for the company’s shareholders.

Controlled foreign companies:

  • preparation of notifications relating to participation in foreign organisations (establishment of foreign structures without forming legal entities) to be submitted to the tax authorities;
  • preparation of notifications relating to controlled foreign companies, to be submitted to the tax authorities.

For our clients:

  • oral and written consultations, without limitation, by phone, at ICLC office or at the client’s site;
  • weekly mailing of a review of regulatory documents in the field of taxation, accounting and law;
  • monthly mailing of an information news-letter for managers, and a review of arbitrazh practice in relation to tax disputes;
  • round tables and workshops by ICLC consultants and by representatives of the regulatory authorities.


  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Production
  • Services
  • The Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Investments
  • Oil and Gas