Forensic will help to ensure the protection of your business from fraud, thefts, misuse of official duties, raiding and corruption.

We carry out financial investigations to prevent the emergence of any problems for our clients related to potential infringement on the company’s property or its improper use, as well as gather evidence in relation to the facts that may already have occurred.

Forensic is necessary if:

  • the owner of a business or a director is unsure about reliability of their suppliers, buyers or partners;
  • there are suspicions of fraud on the part of employees, manipulations of financial statements;
  • there are suspicions or an established fact of the theft of assets;
  • there is a lack of “transparency” in how the company’s employees take decisions;
  • the internal control regulations are not followed.

To reveal potentially suspicious transactions, ICLC experts carry out:

  • analysis of counterparties (suppliers and buyers) with a view to verify their business reputation on the basis of the data received from open sources, including from information databases and registers of dishonest suppliers;
  • analysis of agreements and the terms and conditions of work with suppliers;
  • analysis of agreements and the terms and conditions of work with buyers;
  • assessment of the reasonableness of the concluded agreements and tenders carried out;
  • assessment of the legitimacy of movement of cash and other assets;
  • financial expert examination of documents;
  • verification of accounting and management accounting records, as well as of the accounting statements with a view to detecting possible fraud or theft;
  • other procedures, depending on the specifics of the company’s activity.

The result of a forensic is a report on any identified problems, an assessment of the amount of damage caused (if any) and development of recommendations on prevention of fraudulent actions in the future.


  • Industry
  • The Media
  • Trade
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Services
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Financial Sector
  • Leasing