Property inventory

A property inventory, on the one hand, is a compulsory procedure related to preparation of the annual accounting statements, and, on the other hand, it is an effective tool for the company’s internal control system allowing timely detection and prevention of such adverse processes, as theft and the damage of property.

ICLC experts carry out an inventory in three stages:

1. Preparatory stage: we determine the composition of the Inventory Commission, the terms of starting and completion of works, and receive detailed information on the property.

2. Main stage:  we carry out physical (tangible) inspection — we determine the amount of property by means of calculation and enter the data into inventory sheets.

3. Final stage: documenting of results — we compare actual data and accounting data, and prepare inventory sheets, statements and acts.

The result: reliable and comprehensive data on the condition of warehouse and statutory accounting, on the conditions and compliance with movable property storage rules, availability and condition of real estate objects.



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