Expert examination of tax liabilities (Tax audit)

ICLC experts have analyzed and summarized the experience of tax audits of a significant number of companies. Practice and dynamics of fiscal performance evidence the strengthening of governmental control over completeness and timeliness of payments.

Expert examination of tax liabilities will allow:

  • getting prepared for the possible tax control measures (on-site and in-house tax audits, discovery of documents, etc.), successful passing of which shall result in absence of fine sanctions and other adverse effects, as well as confirmation of the right to tax preferences and tax mitigation provided for by the laws;
  • determining the existing opportunities for optimization of the tax burden.

Expert examination of tax liabilities includes:

  • evaluation of the overall current position of the tax accounting, procedure for calculation and payment of taxes;
  • analysis of the accounting tax policy for the purpose of determining its completeness, compliance of the approved methods with the methods, established by the legislation, and compliance with the conditions pertaining to its application;
  • validation of the correctness of determination of taxed objects, calculation of taxable bases, calculation of tax liabilities, filling in tax declarations;
  • assessment of current and potential tax risks;
  • finding out of provisions for tax optimization.

On the basis of the expert examination we prepare a detailed report that will include:

  • indication of presence of tax violations and their consequences for the company;
  • substantiated position with references to statutory documents;
  • with regard to controversial issues — an analysis of clarifications by the regulatory authorities and of current arbitrazh practice;
  • practical recommendations on elimination of adverse consequences related to any identified violations of the tax legislation;
  • opinion on the found possible provisions for tax optimization.

Expert examination of tax liabilities may become an independent service or the first step of the tax planning service.


  • Industry
  • The Media
  • Trade
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Services
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Financial Sector
  • Leasing