HR audit

In today’s rapidly changing market conditions and increasing competition, company managers experience an acute need to maintain stability in their workforce. the “Human resources mean everything!” motto is still highly relevant.

Professional HR management provides a considerable competitive advantage in a situation when companies experience constant shortages of qualified staff.

Furthermore, companies are experiencing increasingly strict control on the part of public authorities with regard to their compliance with the requirements of labour legislation.

Our personnel consulting service allows clients successfully to manage emerging challenges, to build efficient personnel policies, to comply with the requirements of labour legislation and to help ensure the stability of their human resources.

ICLC human resources consulting offers the following services:

  • Audit of HR record keeping and its compliance with the requirements of labour legislation, including occupational safety issues.
    Checking of HR documentation with a view to verify the correctness of its execution and compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts, with the provision of a report containing a full list of detected violations and suggestions on how to eliminate such violations. a status report in this area will allow managers quickly to eliminate existing defects and, consequently, to avoid sanctions on the part of the labour (and often tax) inspection bodies, as well as avoiding material claims on the part of employees.
  • Audit of settlements with employees.
    During the audit process the correctness and timeliness of all settlements and accruals, made by an organisation in favour of its employees, is checked, including wages, leave allowances, sick leave payments, allowances and compensation payments provided for by the legislation and local acts of the enterprise. According to the audit results, a report is submitted with a description of all detected violations and with recommendations on how to eliminate such violations.
  • HR Management System optimisation.
    The key resource of any company is its staff. There is no doubt that personnel management is one of the most important aspects of management theory and practice. Our work on optimisation of personnel management systems includes:
    • o determination of the composition of the personnel management functions, necessary to ensure normal functioning of the business activity, based on development strategy and the specifics of the company;
    • o development of an optimal model of the business processes of HR management;

    • o development of a system of planning and regulation of personnel number, the procedure for hiring, assessment and attestation of personnel;
    • o development of a system of material incentives for personnel;
    • o development and drafting local regulatory legal acts governing personnel management issues
  • Development of local regulatory acts and standard contracts, regulating the organisational and functional structure of the company and forming the relationships between the employees and employer.
  • Consultations on labour legislation issues (including occupational safety), HR management.
  • Representation of the interests of the parties to employment relationships in court.