Support for business activity

Any area of the modern business has its own peculiarities in terms of legal regulation.

To provide the client with high quality legal services, a deep knowledge and working experience in many different legal fields is required — civil, tax, corporate, currency, administrative, labour, etc. An experienced lawyer is able to propose timely avoidance of issues, or successfully to resolve any potential disputes with partners, customers, clients and the regulatory authorities.

For clients of ICLC there are obvious advantages to conclude agreements on the provision of permanent legal services:

  • receiving the services not just of a single employee, but of a whole department, in which every lawyer has his/her own specialisation, while paying rates approximately equivalent to those of a professional lawyer;
  • saving on the costs of accrual to payroll;
  • no risk to losing qualified staff;
  • ICLC full material liability for the quality of its services.

As part of our support for a client’s business activity, ICLC lawyers offer the following services:

  • expert examination of statutory documents and local regulatory acts;
  • expert examination of agreements in force in order to identify possible legal errors and to correct them, to avoid adverse consequences;
  • development of new standard and one-time agreements, as well as of the local regulatory acts of the company;
  • assistance in negotiations with partners, public authorities, other third parties.

The undoubted advantage of working with ICLC lawyers is their specialisation in taxation. When solving any legal issue this enables them to take into consideration the possible tax consequences and to help our client to save costs.

ICLC provides services to companies in a variety of economic sectors. the company’s lawyers have an excellent understanding of the specifics of the legal regulation pertaining to our clients’ activities and have experience of solving the majority of problems that may arise. Our highly qualified lawyers are able quickly and efficiently to find optimal solutions, even for atypical and non-standard issues.