We provide oral and written consultations on taxation and statutory accounting concerning:

  • current issues occurring in the course of activities;
  • assessment (analysis) of taxation optimization schemes applied or planned by your company, for compliance with the legislation and presence of any risks with regard to arbitration practice;
  • controversial issues that arise in the course of tax control measures (on-site and in-house tax audits).

Consulting support may be provided on a single or subscription basis.

One-off legal consultations are recommended in case they are not needed often.

When the permanent or, at least, regular consulting support is needed, a subscriber’s agreement for consulting is more expedient.

Subscription may include:

  • oral and written consultations, without limitation, by phone, at ICLC office or at the client's site;
  • weekly mailing of a review of regulatory documents in the field of taxation, accounting and law;
  • monthly mailing of an information news-letter for managers, and a review on the matters of labour relations;
  • information letters with explanation of topical taxation issues, statutory accounting and regulation of organizations’ activities;
  • round tables and webinars by ICLC consultants and representatives of the regulatory authorities.

Minimum term of a subscriber’s agreement is 3 months.

Consulting services in implementation of accounting and tax records include:

  • development of individual accounting policies, including charts of accounts;
  • regulation of document management systems for accounting purposes;

optimisation of recording of separate business transactions and development of accounting registers.