Tax Planning

For any legal entity tax burden is a considerable expense item. Each economic entity strives to reduce it, and such striving is absolutely adequate, if to apply legal optimization methods.

Tax Planning will help to:

  • assess the tax burden of an enterprise;
  • develop the strategy of tax liabilities optimization.

ICLC services in tax planning include:

  • analysis of the main business processes of the company, specific nature of its activities, contractual relations system;
  • development of the “tax passport” of the company, including:
    • calculation of the tax burden, calculation of the financial and economic performance indicators and comparison of them with the statutory values;
    • assessment of the risks of tax audit;
  • analysis of the applied schemes of tax optimization;
  • development of proposals for tax liabilities optimization:
    • development of several variants of the system for organization of the financial and economic activity of the company, which will allow optimizing the tax burden;
    • comparative analysis of the proposed variants with regard to advantages and defects of each of them;
    • calculation of the tax burden indicators for the chosen variant;
    • development and description of the proposed control procedures for reducing of the tax risks.
Tatiana Tsukanova
Head of Consulting Department


  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Production
  • Services
  • The Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Investments
  • Oil and Gas