Nikita Gromov spoke on innovations in CFC at the Kommersant’s conference

Nikita Gromov, project manager of the ICLC’s tax consulting department, spoke at the “Taxes-2021” conference, organized by the Kommersant Publishing House. ICLC audit firm acted as a partner of the conference. The conference was held on June 24 in Moscow.

At the last event of this business season, Kommersant’s leading experts, consultants and in-house lawyers discussed the most pressing issues of tax law, judicial practice, liability for tax violations, focusing separately on the complex aspects of international tax planning.

Nikita Gromov's speech was devoted to innovations in taxation of controlled foreign companies (CFCs) in 2021. In particular, Nikita spoke about the taxation of income in the form of dividends received from foreign companies. The corresponding changes were made by Federal Law No. 374-FZ dated 23.11.2020.

The conference was broadcast on YouTube. More than 1,500 participants watched it live. The recording of the event is available on the “Taxes-2021” conference website.